Assurance Healthcare and Counseling Center

A new kind of healthcare is on the horizon.

Healthcare is broken. We're here to fix it.

For one, low monthly fee, all Assurance Healthcare & Counseling Center members receive incredible benefits like unlimited primary care office visits, discount prescriptions, same or next-day appointments, a free annual physical, and much more.

All without insurance co-pays and deductibles. Brilliant.


Assurance Healthcare & Counseling Center can save the average employer 30-50% on healthcare costs, while maintaining a healthier workforce.

Employers can save money by pairing our membership with a high deductible health plan, or inquire about a complete wraparound plan that utilizes our services.

And...because your employees are free from co-pays and deductibles, they will also pay less. That's good for any business.

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Providing quality healthcare for your family has never been so simple, affordable, and convenient.

For a low monthly fee, families can have fast and unlimited access to their primary care physician, be free from deductibles and burdensome co-pays, and have access to low-cost prescriptions right in our clinic.

Quality healthcare no longer needs to be expensive, inconvenient, or confusing.

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Take the stress out of choosing which insurance package is best for you. Over 90% of your healthcare needs can be covered by Assurance Healthcare & Counseling Center for one low monthly fee.

Because you won't pay any co-pays or worry about meeting any deductibles, you won't think twice about seeing your physician to get the care you need now.

Here's to a healthier you.

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