Job Opening: Direct Primary Care Physician / ARNP

Looking to practice family medicine without the hassle of insurance? We have a job for you!

You went to medical school to take care of people, not navigate insurance regulations. With us, you won't worry about insurance regulations, government data-gathering schemes, or anything else that is currently getting in the way of physicians taking care of patients.

Yakima, Washington is in beautiful Central Washington State, which gets around 300 days of sunshine per year (unlike Seattle, which is on the other side of the mountains). Read more about us below, or if you're ready to say goodbye to pesky insurance requirements, click the button below to apply now.

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About Us

Assurance Healthcare & Counseling Center opened January 1st, 2014. Co-founders and owners include: Chief Executive Officer Jason Larsen, Chief Medical Officer and lead physician Richard Edgerly, MD, and Chief Operating Officer and lead mental health counselor Holly Porter, LMHC.

As a Direct Primary Care practice, we are 100% membership-based, meaning all patients are members of our clinic. We do not contract with or bill insurance companies or other third party payees, which helps reserve the benefits of membership (same day appointments, 24/7 on-call access, etc.) for our patients. One of our primary core values is price transparency. We do not profit from the sale of medications, labs, or X-Rays, demonstrating the true affordability of healthcare.

We currently do not use an EMR / EHR. We use paper charts that are backed up digitally as we highly value patient privacy and security.

We practice evidence-based medicine and mental health counseling. We are not opposed to alternative forms of medicine or treatment, but we seek qualified clinical trials and sufficient data before recommending or administering those methods to our members.

We believe health and wellness are important but do not practice treatments which micromanage our members' lives regarding weight, diet, smoking and/or other lifestyle choices that may affect their health. We believe our role is to educate, inform, and care for members while respecting their freedom of choice regarding their own health.

We encourage our physicians to autonomously practice within the comforts of their medical license with one exception: we are not a pain clinic and do not allow management of chronic pain medications. We are not opposed to firing patients for non-compliance in this area.

About Yakima

We love it here, and think you will, too...

Yakima is located in Central Washington State, within a three hour drive of Seattle, Spokane, Pullman, and the Tri-Cities (Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland). We are technically high-desert climate, as we average about 7 inches of precipitation per year, and boast 300 days of sunshine.

Yakima is the agricultural hub of the northwest. We grow hops, apples, grapes, cherries, pears, peaches and other produce. Our agriculture has created the rise of local wineries, breweries, and farmer's markets.

Most Yakima natives enjoy our true four seasons. Outdoor activities including hiking, snow skiing, water skiing, fly fishing, hunting, and floating / rafting the Yakima and Naches Rivers.

The population of Yakima is small enough that you never get stuck in traffic and never pay for parking. Yet it's large enough to attract many big-box stores and amenities, including Costco, Cabelas, Macy's, Bath & Body Works, Walmart, and many more.

Our Company Culture

As a small business, we prioritize efficient and effective decision making that benefit our staff and our members. In other words, we make decisions very quickly, especially when it means a better experience for our members or staff.

We try to create a culture which allows our staff to flourish in the workplace, which we hope translates to flourishing at home as well. We recognize we all have areas of tremendous strength that can help further our mission of providing the best care possible to our members, and we try to encourage and develop staff in their strengths.

We try not to take ourselves too seriously, as we know we are all flawed and have areas of growth. We like to joke around and laugh at life; yet, we also aren't afraid to embrace life's challenges.

Full Disclosure (aka, why you might love or hate us)...

We are a family-owned and operated business. Of the original 5 employees, 4 of us are family. This can be hard (just ask Haley, the one non-family member), yet we do our best to operate as a healthy team and encourage conflict resolution on a regular basis.

As owners, we believe in Jesus, but don't expect the rest of our staff to do the same. We also swear at times, enjoy alcohol appropriately, and might lean towards favoring the laws accepting marijuana in our state. Although we are Christians, we do not run a Christian business. Many of our members are likely unaware of our spiritual beliefs.

* * *

After filling out the application below, we will contact a select number of physicians for our first round of interviews. We expect 2-3 rounds of interviews before making a final decision, with the first round starting sometime in late December 2016 or early January 2017.

Thanks for considering being a part of our team. We look forward to meeting you.

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