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"AHCC Patient Services Guide"

Assurance Healthcare & Counseling Center offers preventative and acute care services, making us a comprehensive primary care provider. Although a better question might be, 'what don't you cover,' we'll do our best to list what our members receive for their monthly membership.

Preventative Care - Health and Wellness

Preventative care is included in our monthly membership - meaning an annual physical and the lab work associated with that physical. Also included in our membership is health and wellness consultation and coaching as a result of those physicals and lab work.

A unique part of our health and wellness program includes preventative mental health care with a mental health counselor. Members with stressful careers, those who are grieving, those with family related stress, and many others would benefit from meeting with our mental health counselor.

Urgent Primary Care

Assurance Healthcare & Counseling Center is able to provide same or next day urgent primary care issues such as sprains, fractures, lacerations requiring stitches, infections, and more. We have x-ray services available on site (via a third party at a discounted rate - see our services and supply costs page for details). If you are unsure if we are able to care for your current medical issue, please call and we will help assess your situation - we would love to save you an expensive visit to the emergency room!

Chronic Condition Management

A membership with Assurance Healthcare & Counseling Center is perfect for those who are managing chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, and many others. We will take the necessary time it takes to understand your condition and help you manage it in the best way possible.

Medication and Prescriptions

Prescriptions can be sent to your pharmacy of choice, or we may have or be able to stock that medication / prescription and it can be filled right in our clinic. As a benefit to our members, we pass our wholesale cost of prescriptions onto our members, often saving up to 90% on medications. We do not stock or dispense narcotics or pain medication as a policy.

For an example of our prescription prices, please see our services and supply costs page.

Laboratory Testing

Assurance Healthcare & Counseling Center offers basic on-site laboratory testing (pregnancy tests, basic urine tests, strep throat testing, and others) free of charge to members. A membership also includes necessary labs for annual physicals. Much like prescriptions, we pass on our wholesale cost of each lab to our members (often saving up to 75 - 90%), should you decide to take advantage of that benefit. Labs may also be charged to your insurance carrier.

For an example of our lab test pricing, please see our services and supply costs page.

Office Procedures & Supplies

A membership with Assurance Healthcare & Counseling Center includes a number of in-office procedures like wound care, stitches, casting / splinting, injections (medication / injectables will be charged an additional fee), EKG's, PFT's, and more. We will have a selection of supplies available at wholesale cost (such as splints, braces, crutches, etc.), should you choose to purchase those from our clinic.

To see our medical supply pricing, please see our services and supply costs page.


Vaccines will be provided at our cost - which is minimal for adult vaccinations and free for child vaccinations.

Mental Health Counseling

Membership with Assurance Healthcare & Counseling Center includes up to six mental health counseling visits per year (including an initial intake visit). Additional sessions beyond the six annual visits will require an inexpensive mental health counseling office visit fee. See our services and supply costs page for pricing.

Specialty Care Coordination

When a procedure, illness, or issue reaches beyond our scope of care, we will act as your primary care provider - coordinating the referral, communicating with the specialist, and helping to follow through with your care plan. It is our experience that only one in about 500 patient visits actually need specialty care, which means that we are able to provide over 95% of a typical persons healthcare right in our clinic.

Hospital and Emergency Room Visit Coordination

If you have a serious emergency requiring immediate medical attention, call 911, then call Assurance Healthcare & Counseling Center (or have hospital personnel contact us) in order to let us know so we may participate or help coordinate your care.

Should a member require hospitalization or an emergency room visit, Assurance Healthcare & Counseling Center will communicate with the hospital, giving them any necessary information or records (at the permission of that member) that might be required, and coordinate your care during and following your discharge. Our physicians will likely have hospital privileges if you are in the area and will be able to help coordinate your care during your hospital stay.

What We Do Not Cover

Membership with Assurance Healthcare & Counseling Center does not include the following: maternity / prenatal care, specialist care, advanced imaging, emergency services, or complementary and alternative care such as acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, or naturopathy. We will, however, be pleased to help you find the best source for these types of care as needed, and will be working to help negotiate lower cash prices for care with certain specialists and/or advanced imaging services.

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