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Our Philosophy

We put your health first, and everyone benefits.

We think everyone can win from a membership healthcare model. Really... everyone. Patients. Employers. Insurance companies. Doctors. Everyone. Here's how...

Patients (Members)

Our practice is based around giving people quality healthcare, so patients (members) come first.

You stay healthier. Our membership model offers people the opportunity to pre-pay for our healthcare services. Instead of the current insurance model, which focuses on minimizing and limiting an individual's access to care, our model encourages members to take action for their health. For example, the co-pay was designed by insurance companies to help people better spend their money - effectively discouraging patients from seeing their doctor. With our pre-pay model, we completely eliminate the co-pay and actually encourage our members to see us as often as they need. Ultimately, this leads to a healthier you.

Lower costs for everything. Members also receive the benefit of wholesale lab and prescription costs. Instead of our clinic desiring to make a profit from labs and prescriptions, we maintain our goal of offering the best quality of healthcare at the most affordable price. Therefore, we pass on our savings for labs, prescriptions, and other services directly to our members.

Accessibility and convenience. Because the number of members per physician and counselor is limited, we can offer same or next day scheduling for all members. Instead of that expensive emergency room visit, give us a call - it's likely that we can squeeze you in today. Your prescriptions are also filled right here in our clinic - saving you a trip to the pharmacy. Perhaps you aren't sure if you really need to see your doctor or you're away on vacation - no problem! Our physicians are willing to spend time with you on the phone. This direct access to your physician may save you a trip to the doctor in the first place.


The benefit for employers is simple and straightforward.

Cost savings. Pairing our membership fees with a major medical plan is less expensive than offering the typical health insurance plan to your employees. Not only do you save money, but your employees will save money because they are no longer charged a co-pay or are responsible for meeting a deductible for their normal care. Additionally, they will save dramatically on prescription and lab costs.

A healthier workforce. With our membership model and the elimination of co-pays for our services, your employees are more likely to actually use the benefits that you give them. This means that your employees are more likely to be proactive with their own health, leading to a healthier workforce. A healthier workforce is a happier and more productive workforce.

Employee retention. By offering quality healthcare to your employees, you are likely to retain employees instead of losing them to the competition. With less employee turnover, you will save time, money, and an immeasurable amount of effort.

Faster care. Because the number of members is limited, there is less waiting in our waiting room. Plus, our physicians are available to speak to members over the phone. This allows employees access to their physician wherever they may be, potentially saving them an entire trip to our office.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies may be able to benefit the most from membership-based healthcare.

Less work. Health insurance has become more than simply insurance - it has become involved in every single aspect of healthcare. Imagine if your car insurance began to provide some of the routine maintenance items for your car - oil changes and windshield wiper replacement. Not only would that drive up costs, but it increases the work-load of the insurance company! Our healthcare plan will lessen the number of claims that health insurance companies have to file, and they can get back to processing claims by those who only have major medical needs.

Simplified coverage. We hope to see insurance companies partner with our members in order to simplify their coverage options and to include a simple deductible catastrophic coverage plan. Since our office covers 95% or more of the healthcare needs of our members, it will be an easy decision for insurance companies to simplify their plans.

Physicians, Counselors, and other Providers

Through a membership model, primary care physicians, counselors, and other providers can provide the healthcare they have always dreamed about.

Real, personal care. Physicians and other providers are able to spend more time with patients and less time processing paperwork, filling out forms, and managing the restrictions of outside entities.

Time to spend with people. Because the number of members per physician and counselor is limited, we are free to spend the time we need with each person.

Meet people where they're at - not just in the office. The typical healthcare model only allows physicians and counselors to receive payment when they physically see the person in their office. With a membership model, providers no longer need to see people to get paid - they can meet members at their convenience. For some, that means over the phone, through text messaging, or perhaps through a video chat.

More time for continuing education. Because of the same reasons above, physicians, counselors, and other providers will have more time available to stay current and knowledgable in their field.

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