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Assurance Mental Health Counseling

Skilled, Encouraging, Approachable and Compassionate.

Who Goes to Counseling?

Anyone... really and truly, anyone can seek professional counseling.

Most often, this includes individuals who are...

  • suffering from depression
  • feeling anxious
  • experiencing drastic mood changes
  • processing a difficult or hurtful experience
  • undergoing changes in their life
  • experiencing grief
  • struggling with relationships
  • questioning personal goals or purpose
  • challenged by addiction
  • needing a place to be heard and encouraged

Assurance Healthcare & Counseling Center believes in and practices brief therapy, which is:


Individuals grow, change and heal in different ways and through different processes. We approach counseling in a way that values each individual client as the most important factor in therapy.

For you, person-centered counseling means that we will work together in the first couple of sessions to set a counseling focus meeting your needs, check on progress towards achieving the aim of counseling, and regularly plan to complete our work together within our agreed upon number of sessions.


We practice counseling from therapeutic approaches which have demonstrated to be effective through research and experience.

For you, evidence-based therapy means that the therapeutic process will not be mysterious and the counselor will work to help you understand the process of growth, change, and healing as much as possible.

While our counselors are integrative in their approach to counseling, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a commonly utilized therapeutic approach which has continued to demonstrate effectiveness via thorough research.


We prioritize results in counseling.

For you, solution-focused counseling means that, to the best of our ability, we help you feel better. We will work with you on setting goals and continually checking-in about how those goals are being reached.

What does it cost?

Each member receives 6 annual mental health counseling appointments. Each appointment after the first 6 are only $30 per session - less than a typical copay

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