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Frequently Asked Questions

When will your clinic be open to the public?

We're open now! Anyone can sign up. Stop by our office from 8am - 5pm Monday through Friday, or fill out our registration form online to begin membership today.

Is a membership with Assurance Healthcare & Counseling Center considered insurance?

No a membership is not considered insurance. We offer "assurance" that you will be able to see your physician quickly and receive the best quality of care possible at a low price. Membership fees pay for our preventative and primary care services. For more information about the services we provide, see our list of patient services.

Because a membership is not considered insurance, it does not qualify under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as a qualified health plan.

BUT, we have some great partnerships with health sharing organizations, which exempt you from the ACA tax penalty and in our mind, are better plans than insurance. Check out our partnership with Liberty Direct for a great, comprehensive health plan.

Do you accept health insurance?

No. In our years of experience, we have seen insurance requirements impede quality, affordable healthcare. We believe the highest quality of care can best be achieved within the freedom of a private relationship between doctor and patient.

Furthermore, we believe that insurance should be reserved for major expenses, rather than the routine and maintenance needs that our clinic provides. By not accepting insurance we are making quality healthcare more affordable, more convenient, and less burdensome for our patients.

What if I, or a member of my family needs specialty or major medical care?

In our experience, only one in about 500-1000 patients actually need specialty or major medical care. Any care that is given outside of our clinic would either be covered by your insurance or paid in full by the patient. We are currently working with other providers / specialists for our cash-paying patients. Ask us more about our growing network of providers that are accepting a discounted cash price for their services.

It is our recommendation that families and individuals carry a health coverage plan (again, check out Liberty Direct) which will cover major medical needs. As your primary care provider, we will refer you to necessary specialists and work with them on your ongoing medical needs.

Can I purchase catastrophic insurance to pair with my membership?

Because insurance plans in Washington State must now meet the minimum ACA requirements, true catastrophic coverage is hard to find. A health sharing organization is our recommendation for 95% of our patients. For most of our patients, Liberty Direct is likely the best option.

Will I still benefit from Assurance Healthcare & Counseling Center even if I do not require frequent medical attention?

Yes! Here are a few reasons why you still might benefit from our services...

  1. Saving money. Even if you do not see the doctor at all, pairing our membership with a major medical insurance will save you money both in the short term and long term.
  2. You will have quick access to your doctor in the event of an emergency, or even for a regular visit - all without the emergency room cost.
  3. You will make an appointment sooner to see your doctor instead of delaying that visit because of a burdensome co-pay.

Do you require any long-term contracts?

We require a 6 month commitment up front (not all due at once, but 6 monthly payments), and then it's month to month after that.

When does open enrollment begin?

Now! New patients may register any time of year. We encourage you to register soon, as membership is limited per physician.

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