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Job Opening: Front Office Receptionist and Member Advocate - Yakima, WA

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The front office receptionist and member advocate at Assurance Healthcare & Counseling Center has the opportunity alongside our front office team to be the voice and the face of our clinic. In this position, you will serve on the small team of people to be the first point of contact for nearly all current members, prospective members, businesses, media, and more. You will be a part of a healthcare team and clinic that values patient care above data collection, service above protocol, access above paperwork, and relationship above profit.

As a receptionist, you will be responsible for traditional receptionist duties which include answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, filtering and forwarding messages, organizing information, accepting and logging payments, and much more. As a member advocate, you will play a vital role in helping members with their healthcare needs by doing necessary work and / or research on their behalf and connecting members directly to their physician or counselor.

Working at Assurance Healthcare & Counseling Center is guaranteed to be challenging and deeply rewarding, as you will be part of helping fix the broken healthcare system by giving people quick access to quality healthcare.

Required Skills:

  • Basic, 21st century receptionist skills.
  • Basic, 21st century computer skills (you know the difference between a text and an email and can easily do both).
  • The ability to balance several tasks at any given time while maintaining the priorities of our clinic as determined by our core values.
  • Communicate promptly and clearly with various team members in both high and low stress situations.
  • A deep love, care, and respect for people.

Other information:

This will be an hourly position where your pay and hours worked depends on a combination of performance, experience, and capability. You will be working at our first clinic location in Yakima, WA at 1020 S 40th Ave Suite A, Monday through Friday, at consistent hours as agreed upon before employment begins. A pre-employment drug screening will be required. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Should you need assistance in completing this application or have questions, please address them to Holly Porter via email at or in a written letter to our clinic at 1020 S 40th Ave, Suite A | Yakima, WA 98908.

We prefer to not answer application questions via telephone as we are likely busy caring for patients.

About Assurance Healthcare & Counseling Center:

We are a membership-based family practice clinic in Yakima, WA, where instead of accepting insurances and government contracts, members receive unlimited care within the walls of our clinic for a low monthly rate. We strive to be a small part of fixing a broken healthcare system by reconnecting patients with their physicians without the barriers and hassle of insurance. More information can be found here on our website.

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